Ontario Tuition Grant

More than 300,000 college and university students in Ontario whose parents’ income is less than $160,000 are now eligible to apply for the Ontario Tuition Grant. This is a new program that will provide a 30 per cent tuition rebate to qualified students and aims to assist students who are attending an Ontario public post-secondary institution for the first time. To qualify for the grant, students must also be less than four years out of high school.

Starting this January, the government is taking 30 per cent off the average tuition for families — that means a savings of $800 for undergraduate university or college degree students and $365 for college diploma and certificate students this semester. This grant will also be extended to eligible students beginning or continuing their studies in the summer semester.

In September, the permanent 30 per cent off Ontario Tuition Grant will apply to the full school year. This translates to a savings of $1,600 for students in a university or college degree program and a savings of $730 for students in college diploma and certificate programs.

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